Andrea Tomić


(The Storyteller)

Bio joj je rob, pripovjedač i ljubavnik. 

Daniel je već godinama zaljubljen u princezu kojoj još odmalena priča priče za laku noć kako bi popunio prazninu u srcu djevojčice koja je izgubila oca. Princeza i rob odrastaju skupa, a njihova bajka počinje jednom kada princeza shvati da ga želi zbog nečega više od samih priča.
Upuštaju se u zabranjenu romansu, jednu od onih o kakvima joj je uobičavao pričati. Daniel i Rachelle skupa spoznaju snagu prvih ljubavi i uče o njoj iz prve ruke. Samo što ovoga puta u pitanju nije priča, već njihovi životi. Ovoga puta pripovjedač počinje živjeti vlastitu bajku, prateći put svih onih junaka o kojima je godinama govorio. Samo što, za razliku od bilo koje druge priče koju je pripovjedač ikada ispričao, ovoga puta on nije taj koji može izmisliti sretan kraj.

“It was hard to fall in love with the Storyteller, you know? Because, whatever you do and whoever you are, you know life isn’t a fairy tale he might want it to be. Oh, he tells you about the fairies, the dragons and all the beautiful creatures, and then there’s you. A dull girl desperate for attention; inside his head there is always something more beautiful.”

The Storyteller

Jezik: Engleski

Žanr: Ljubavni

Formati: Papirnati, eKnjiga

Broj stranica: 148

Objavljeno: 18 Travnja 2017

the storyteller

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Luna Vanskelig
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Tough I am familiar with the author's style and way of writing, this story was nothing I expected it to be. And better so, because a positive surprise is always a nice addition to a day. The story is easy to read, flows nicely and holds you down in you chair (or bed) until you finish it. I don't stay up 'till 4 a.m. for just any story, and I sleep like a bear in the winter when I'm traveling by bus for more than three hours. And I was up until 4 a.m. reading this story, in an overnight bus across the country, when by all odds I was supposed to be highly unconscious. I was very awake. From the first to the last page, every character, every event, every little detail adds up to something much more than the cover or the synopsis. But the ending surprised me the most. You won't expect it, an it'll hit you like a train in full speed. But you will be glad it happened. Pick up this book if you like a good story, and an interesting Storyteller. I guarantee you it will be a time well spent 🙂
Merima Komić
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In fact, i don't love this genre, but Tomić made beautiful compromise between old fairytale and contemporary literature. It was such a good experience to read something without a lot of action, but full of emotion.

Many of us might compare ourselves with Daniel. Society today is full of slaves no matter what we think. I really loved the story of a lover, a dreamer and a lunatic. It is not about story. It is about how Tomić fit that story into the story about Rachell and Daniel. And, for sure, the ending was epic - something we could not surmise.
<{br> I just want to say that I really love her work and I would gladly recommend it to everyone who wants something "old but gold".
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I read this book in one sitting. It was well-written, writing style flows beautifully and it didn't give me headache at any point.

Just a tad warning if you are looking for something complex, daring sword fights, magic spells and a prince in disguise all mashed up into cca 200 pages. This is a simple story with simple people as characters. And I think that's the beauty of it.

I hope to read more from this author one day. One of the best books I've read this year.
Bruna Mavrinac
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The writer toys with the motif of storytelling. She doesn’t promise some epic and new stories. Instead, we read listen to stories about Cinderella, King Arthur, and tales similar to this one. In the same time, writer plays with her character as she puts them in one of those cliché fairytales whom we already know how they end. But the thing is – the main character is a storyteller himself. He knows how his story is supposed to end based on the other fairy tales he tells, but he finds it hard to develop his own plot in the same direction.

We can easily say that this is the story about storytelling. The writer itself claims the story to be cliché. She doesn’t run away from the fact – she embraces it, playing with the whole notion of it. And I loved it. The story gives a twist to usual fairy tale plot, and I think that’s what makes this book so great!


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