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Dr. Stefan is a consultant in Distributed Ledger Technology and Cryptography focusing on blockchain architectures and smart contract security.

He obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Manchester in 2004 with a thesis titled “Dynamic Configuration of Embedded Operating Systems” and has since been involved with distributed systems and, more recently, with cybersecurity.

As a distributed systems researcher, he worked on subjects, such as distributed consensus, reliable group communication, and replication protocols, long before these concepts were adopted by blockchain technology with the emergence of Bitcoin and subsequent protocols.



Dr. Stefan Beyer is the CEO and co-founder of Cryptonics Consulting, a company specializing in blockchain security and blockchain architecture development.

Within Cryptonics, he focuses on Ethereum smart contract auditing and blockchain architecture definition.

He is also a co-founder and technical director of the blockchain-based freelance marketplace Wedoo aiming to bring decentralization to global workforce contracting, replacing trusted escrow services and custodians with smart contracts.  

Dr. Stefan Beyer acts as an advisor for a number of start-ups, including:

  • Black insurance
  • Flux Network
  • SylLab Systems
  • BitVR

He is a member of the Policy and Framework Conditions working group of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum.

He is equally fluent in English, Spanish and German.



Dr. Stefan Beyer is an accomplished writer of technical blog posts. Please use the contact form (link) for rate and availability inquiries. His own blog focuses on detailed technical articles related to low-level distributed protocols and blockchain security.

He has also written many articles for Bock Telegraph and MyCryptopedia.


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