City of Beasts pre-sale is now open! Pre-order now.
City of Beasts pre-sale is now open! Pre-order now.

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As said, I’ve finished Okidač boje pepela by @_andreatomic, you can find the review on my Goodreads. I won’t post it here because it’s a very long review. But I will give you couple of my general thoughts. It’s definitely a 5/5 stars read.

I can’t wait to read this book by Croatian author Andrea Tomić. This will be the first book by her I’ll read and I’m so excited. ❄️
Tell me an underrated book or series that you love!

→october book haul
I literally bought only one book because I’ve bought too many in October and that was “Grad Zvijeri” by @dvorsnova ( @_andreatomic ) and I got so many goodies with it! 

Just wanted to appreciate some Croatian authors today too. To me “Okidac boje pepela” by @_andreatomic ( @dvorsnova ) is such a beautiful cover because of its simplicity. I just love it!

As the book is by Croatian author, here in caption will be review on Croatian. On the 3rd photo is synopsis of the book and on the 4th is review translated on English for all of you who are interested.

Fanmade book trailer. I love both of these characters, I really do but I love them in a way one loves something lost and tragic. Don’t get me wrong, both of them are toxic as hell and vile in their own special kind of way – they cannot and are not redeemed…

Q: favorite bad boys and/or girls?

Well, the famous ones aside, I’m head over heels for @_andreatomic ‘s Nick Raven. Like that guy… I’d sell my soul lmao

Fanmade video. a very short edit in honour of this masterpiece finally being translated to english! if you love dark romance (and by that i mean really really REALLY dark with no hea in sight), mafia and introspective narration, then this book is for you.