City of Beasts pre-sale is now open! Pre-order now.
City of Beasts pre-sale is now open! Pre-order now.


City of Beasts

Those who know me know very well how much I love Andrea’s writing, I have been following her work for years and I can say with certainty that she has surpassed herself with this novel.
The story follows two characters: Nik Gavran, a cruel and heartless gang leader who rules an unnamed city, and Anabel, a member of a rival gang tasked with crawling under his skin and destroying him.

What makes this novel special is its cruelty in tenderness. The author does not shy away from portraying her protagonists as they really are; Nik is cruel to the extent that everyone else talks about him, Anabel is in touch with her conflicting feelings and looks very critically at the situation she finds herself in.
The leitmotif of this novel is the City – Nick’s only love and obsession with a desire to rule him. The way it is described introduces a deeper psychological characterization of Nik Gavran as a metaphorical toxic lover, a monster who loves his victim. Nik loves power more than anyone.

This is not a love novel, although there are love elements in it. This novel is using a conflict between two gangs and a desire for revenge to speak about characters. 

Andrea’s style is poetic, gentle, at times rough and cruel, visible in its simplicity.

I’d recommend it to everyone. I am sure that this is a novel that will be talked about for a long time and that will be read for a long time.

Barbara Jurić

Having in mind her work so far, Tomić is extremely good at this new topic. Putting the plot itself in the background, the characterization of the characters comes to the fore.

Extremely realistic characters, who jump out of the framework of the expected, make a perfect blend of the possible, the expected and the unexpected, as well as a perfect blend of protagonism and antagonism in one character.

A love story that did not win this time, did not question the strong characters, who this time do not die for love, do not give in to the force of love, but remain in the fight for a bare life, playing a relentless game between good and evil, desire for revenge and fear from a future that this time ends in a simple way that is very rarely found in stories, but is, unfortunately, very realistic in the world we live in.

Tomić brings us a pictorial depiction of the struggle of a woman who is exposed to the force of life and who is her only shield, and whose femininity is her only weapon. In the game she was playing, her weapon was not strong enough to ensure her survival.

Stylistically precise, very simple and attractive in terms of content, Tomić was up to the task this time.

Merima Komić

Even though Okidac boje pepela is a little better for me, I still really loved this book. One of the things I liked the most is that it had way more “gang action” than previous book, which was interesting to read. I loved dynamic between our main characters and ending was awesome in my opinion. I also really like how Nick didn’t suddenly become this redeemable character and he stayed pretty much the same, maybe even worse.
The only thing I wished is more scenes with Liam Tate, but those are just my personal preferences ( I need a book about him ASAP).
All in all, this was an amazing book and you can understand it even if you never heard of Okidac boje pepela.


The Storyteller

This story was really interesting. It is a story of forbidden love that is your typically untypical cliche. This writer’s writing style is absolutely beautiful and flows like a steady river. It is simple and filled with emotion.

The plot doesn’t rely on action and conflict or the world this story is set in. It could be happening right now. The essence of this story is love between two people, a feeling that is so universal and vulnerable.

I thought that epilogue was bittersweet just as Daniel’s and Rachelle’s relationship was. Looking forward to more work from Andrea.



Tough I am familiar with the author’s style and way of writing, this story was nothing I expected it to be. And better so, because a positive surprise is always a nice addition to a day.

The story is easy to read, flows nicely and holds you down in you chair (or bed) until you finish it. I don’t stay up ’till 4 a.m. for just any story, and I sleep like a bear in the winter when I’m traveling by bus for more than three hours. And I was up until 4 a.m. reading this story, in an overnight bus across the country, when by all odds I was supposed to be highly unconscious. I was very awake.

From the first to the last page, every character, every event, every little detail adds up to something much more than the cover or the synopsis.

But the ending surprised me the most. You won’t expect it, an it’ll hit you like a train in full speed. But you will be glad it happened.

Pick up this book if you like a good story, and an interesting Storyteller. I guarantee you it will be a time well spent :)


This story is for all of you who sometimes feel like lost souls, sitting in sofa next to the window, covered in the warm blanket while you are reading familiar, and yet unknown words.(…) And you will learn soon enough that terrible things can happen when a storyteller falls in love.”

This is a story many of you had already heard before. Two people who can’t be together fall in love. As the author heself said, this story is a cliche. Oh boy, but what a beautiful one. What makes this one stand out is not only a little bit different take on a usual story, as Daniel and Rachelle are both very aware of their situation. What Tomić does here is take the essence of your average cliche romance and mocks it while putting our main characters in the same situation.
This is beautiful story about two people who really loved eachother. It is filled with a rollercoaster of emotions, characters you will love and hate and, most important of all, good story. Or stories, as we get to read those Daniel tells Rachelle.

This book is not for those who look for something new and revolutionary, because it isn’t and it isn’t even trying to be. This is for “dreamers, lovers and lunatics.” This is for all of you who are looking for an enjoyable, emotional read and for those who are still looking for love that can be found in fairy tales.

Barbara Jurić

The book was not what I expected, but it doesn’t change the fact that I enjoyed reading it! The writer took the ordinary cliché story on the next level. As said in the introduction, it has “lust, passion, and perhaps even love, the forbidden kind.“ This is the story of two lovers who enjoy fairy tales and stories of all kind, but when they find themselves into one of those stories they don’t know how to act. Daniel and Rachelle are two naïve children who barely knew anything about love when they began falling for each other.
As much as the book is, as the author itself said, a cliché, it is also not. Somewhere around the middle, the author states that “this is how the plot starts”, but there isn’t actually a real plot. Rather, it is described throughout the letters two lovers write to each other. This was actually my favorite part, as it clearly showed their emotion, but it also allowed the author to play with this whole idea of “plot twist”. It made me wonder does the story really need to have a twist, or is one small event enough to make the characters realize what every reader had already known?
I think that the whole point of the story is not in character development or some great and unexpected plot twist, but in this idea that “the storyteller becomes the character” and starts living his own fairy tale which turns out to be both, different and similar to other love stories. You’ll get what I mean if you read it!



I read this book in one sitting. It was well-written, writing style flows beautifully and it didn’t give me headache at any point.

Just a tad warning if you are looking for something complex, daring sword fights, magic spells and a prince in disguise all mashed up into cca 200 pages. This is a simple story with simple people as characters. And I think that’s the beauty of it.

I hope to read more from this author one day. One of the best books I’ve read this year.


Carmen The Bookish Nerd