City of Beasts pre-sale is now open! Pre-order now.
City of Beasts pre-sale is now open! Pre-order now.


City of Beasts

English translation coming in 2022

In a city where Beasts rule and Beauties are equally lethal, every wrong move can lead to death. Especially when the Beast wants to rule it and the Beauty escape it.


City of Beasts is first and foremost a story about a city through the eyes of a rotten, power-hungry man.

But it is also an exploration of a mutually toxic relationship, a story in which the Beast and the Beauty entangle each other in lies and games until there is no way back.

The Storyteller

This is not a fairy tale like the ones you are used to. In this one, the princess escapes, leaving the person who loves her behind. And that’s why I hate her, I really hate her. Maybe because it’s easier to think she ran away than to believe in an alternative. Maybe because it’s easier to hate than to regret.


Weddings are usually the final chapter; held only a few paragraphs before “and they lived happily ever after.” This one was different. 

This time the Storyteller became a character and lost his possibility of creating happy endings.